Trey Robinson

Trey has been working with NFL players and athletes for over a decade and oversees all aspects of client contract negotiations. He has been a NFLPA Certified Contract Advisor since October 2013 In addition, he works closely with clients to preserve their rights under the CBA, generate off the field income,  create their brands, and prepare for life after football.

Robinson has negotiated record-setting NFL contracts. He has represented clients in every NFL draft class since 2014.

In addition to representing athletes, Trey also represents several businesses in commercial contract, real estate and corporate matters.

Marlon Moore

Marlon Moore is the newest member of the MVA Sports team and a NFLPA certified contract advisor. His primary responsibilities are acquiring new clients, securing endorsements for clients, and guiding clients through the draft process and throughout their careers.


His combination of business experience, integrity, and long-held morals and values well prepared him for advising clients and negotiating contracts. After graduating from Southern University in 1994 and playing football for the Jaguars, he continued his education at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  He has spent the last 20 years using his knowledge, experience and education to own and operate a prosthetics and orthotics practice based in Baton Rouge, LA. As part of that operation, Marlon negotiated employment agreements and over $50 million of insurance contracts.

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