MVA Sports is the sports law practice group of Moore & Van Allen, PLLC, one of the largest law firms in the Southeast.  MVA Sports is operated out of the firm's Charleston, SC office.


The MVA Sports team takes a holistic approach, representing and advising select athletes with their particular needs, which may extend beyond a client's professional sports career. By offering both the traditional services typically provided by a sports agency with the legal services offered by Moore & Van Allen, PLLC, MVA Sports aims to provide clients with the resources to support their endeavors both on and off the field. Here are just a few examples of the services that we are able to provide our clients:

  • Contract Negotiation‚Äč
  • Pre-Draft Preparation
  • Public Relations / Branding
  • Social Media Management
  • Marketing/Endorsements
  • Post-Athletic Career Transition Assistance
  • Personal Service Corporations
  • Non-profit Formation
  • Estate and Tax Planning
  • Immigration Matters
  • Employment Issues
  • Criminal Defense
  • Litigation

While our primary focus is on NFL clients, MVA Sports and the attorneys of Moore & Van Allen, PLLC have assisted a wide variety of professional athletes and related clients including negotiating endorsement contracts for US weightlifting prodigy CJ Cummings and assisting international soccer star David Beckham, race car drivers, PGA coaches, horse trainers, and broadcasters with visa related matters. MVA Sports designs an individualized game plan for every client, partnering with each to support their goals. 

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